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Pretoria is situated in the northern part of the Gauteng Province of South Africa, only an hour's drive from Johannesburg. The climate of Pretoria is therefore quite the same as in the case of Johannesburg, with sunny days almost throughout the whole year coupled with summer rains and thunder showers. The city earned its nickname, the Jacaranda City, because of all the Jacaranda trees that protect the city and its people from the scorching African sun.

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Although one would hear a good lot of Afrikaans when visiting Pretoria, English is also widely spoken on the streets of the Jacaranda City. One shouldn't be surprised to hear other indigenous languages like Tswana and Suthu as well as foreign languages like Manderan.

Pretoria is one of South Africa's three capital cities and is serving as the executive (administrative) and de facto national capital. The others are Cape Town, the legislative capital and Bloemfontein, the judicial capital. Pretoria used to symbolize Apartheid, but all of this changed with Nelson Mandella's (The first black president of South Africa), inauguration when Pretoria became a symbol of true unity.

Pretoria Car Rentals Include

  • Free mileage per day according to package booked (either 100km free per day OR 200 km free per day or unlimited mileage)
  • Collision damage waiver liability. This covers you for damage to your hired vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • Theft waiver
  • Airport surcharges
  • Bail bonds (where needed)
  • All local taxes

Car Hire Pick Up And Drop Off Points

  • Pretoria Centuria
  • Pretoria Menlyn Downtown

The Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is a massive granite structure, build by Gerard Moerdijk to honour the Voortrekkers (pioneers) and their heroic deeds. Moerdijk's aim was to build a monument that would stand a thousand years to describe the history and the meaning of the Great Trek (big migration) to its descendants. The monument can be seen from any location in Pretoria for it is situated on a hill.

The Premier Game Reserve, Pretoria Skydiving Club and the Cullinan attraction

Adventurous travelers could do a short horse trail at the Voortrekker Monument or through the Premier Game Reserve while taking a careful look at some white rhino's and a number of eland. For the more extreme adrenalin junkies, the Pretoria Skydiving Club offers a Tandem Skydive. At the nearby town of Cullinan one can go visit the mine which delivered the discovery of the biggest diamond in the world. This tourist attraction offers mine tours, lovely restaurants, beautiful stone buildings and a on-site manufacturing jeweler where you can buy a stone from the mine and have it mounted in a custom design piece.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is situated on Salvokop in Pretoria and it includes a memorial with a list of the names of those who died in the Anglo-boer War, World War I and II as well as under the Apartheid regime. National, international and continental leaders, who played a role in South Africa's liberation struggle are recently added to the list.


Pretoria is the home of Loftus Versveld one of the most famous sport stadiums in South Africa and Loftus Versveld serves as the home of the infamous Blue Bulls rugby team. Tenis, gholf, fishing, hunting and extreme sports like skydiving and micro-light flying are popular activities in Pretoria. If there is a sport you would like to pursue or simply watch or research about, chances are one of its main basses is in Pretoria.

Pretoria is a city of strong heritage of the time before South Africa became an union in 1910. Pretoria and its buildings depict the rech history of the Transvaal Boer Republic graphicly and the city also offers its visitors a wide range of tourist attractions and activities.

More Places To See In Pretoria

  • The Pretoria Art Museum
  • The National Cultural Museum
  • The Union Buildings
  • The State Theater
  • The University of South Africa
  • The Pretoria Zoo
  • Church Square
  • The Wonderboom Nature Reserve
  • The Rietvlei Nature Reserve